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The Study Abroad in the USA program is designed for international students from Europe, Asia and all over the world, where students can come to CSUSB for a term, two or more and take University courses in various areas of study. International students can take this program for a variety of reasons. They may wish to take selected CSUSB courses that will transfer to their home university, examine a particular field before seeking admission to the university and enrolling in a degree program improve their GPA to re-enter an academic program, or update professional skills.

This program is intended for students who satisfy the English language requirement. See Student Eligibility for details

At CSUSB, you will have the following benefits:

  • Attend classes led by excellent faculty.
  • Earn credits at CSUSB that may be transferred to your home institution and be counted toward degree requirements.
  • Select from over 2,000 undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Enjoy CSUSB’s central location and weather in Southern California.
  • Improve your English language skills and expand your international network.
  • Advisor who can help select classes
  • Orientation to adjust to the American culture

Students who joined the Study Abroad in the USA Program thought that it was a life changing experience.

CSUSB is an accredited university and ranked by US World & News Report , Princeton Review and Forbes magazine among the top universities in the western United States. The European CEO magazine named the CSUSB’s College of Business and Public Administration one of the most innovative schools in the world.

Important Dates Fall
Program Dates Sept. 26 –
Dec. 1
Jan. 9 –
March. 16
Apr. 3 –
Jun. 8
Jun. 26 –
Aug. 30
Enrollment Jul. 5 –
Aug. 3
Oct. 30 –
Dec. 1
Feb. 12 –
Mar. 2
Apr. 30 –
May. 25
Late Enrollment ($100) Aug. 4 –
Aug. 31
Dec. 2 –
Dec. 31
Mar. 3 –
Mar. 16
May 26 –
Jun. 8
Late Enrollment for New Students ($250) Sept. 1 –
Sept. 28
Jan. 1 –
Jan. 11
Mar. 17 –
Apr. 5
Jun. 9 –
Jun. 27
Late Enrollment for Returning students ($250) Sept. 1 –
Sept. 22
Jan. 1 –
Jan. 5
Mar. 17 –
Mar. 29
Jun. 9 –
Jun. 21
Student Orientation Sept. 19
& Sept. 20
Jan. 2
& Jan. 3
Mar. 27
& Mar. 28
Jun. 19
& Jun. 20
Dormitory Move-In Sept. 17 Jan. 7 Apr. 1 Jun. 17

Fees and Payment (Required 12 credits)

Tuition: $3,400

Petition to Add required for all sessions after the census date; a $25 petition fee and a $25 late fee will be applied.

Additional fees may be charged for courses that offer laboratory work or individual tutorial instruction.

Additional Fees (10-Week Programs)

The following costs may be incurred, depending on the student’s choice of housing options and airport pick-up services. Book costs will vary depending on the level of study. The table below is an estimate for a one-quarter, 10-week program.

PLEASE NOTE: Subscribing to health insurance through our university program is mandatory, even if you carry your own insurance.

Additional/Optional Fees by Academic Year

Fees * Academic Year 2017 – 2018
Application Fee (non-refundable, one-time only)11 $120
Health Insurance112 2 (per term) ±$370
University Student Fees114 2 (per term) ±$401.50
Homestay Placement Fee (one-time) $120
Homestay Housing Fees (per month) $900
Airport Pick-up Service (one-time)
Los Angeles Airport
Ontario Airport
Books124 2 (per term) ±$250
Late Registration Fee122 $100/$250
Late Placement Testing Fee

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