Tips for choosing schools in Canada: College or University

Studying abroad in Canada is a future investment of choice for many parents in Vietnam for their children. In terms of education quality Canada is among the best in terms of education development. But how to choose a College or University in Canada is an ongoing question for many parents and students today.


Choosing Canada College

College in Canada provide practice training, application, focusing on practicality, and is highly flexible, instead of just theory. When studying abroad in Canada Colleges, students tend to have good career orientation and internship prospect. Canadian Colleges have strong connection with the demands of the working market.

Canada has 175 education centers being in Association of Canadian Community Colleges. These Colleges are known as Community College, Technical Institute, and University College.

College – University schools

These are schools that combine College and Universities. Students can choose between two options: follow a cultural program for two years, then move up to University, or learn 2-3 years then graduate with a professional qualification. These schools usually connect with a University in the area to network their students from their schools to the University. Students only need to study for two more years to receive a 4 year Bachelor Degree.

Canada Community College

Community College is a common type of school in Canada, which contains vocational training from one to three years. A few vocational Community College also have University transfer program, allowing students to follow courses equivalent to the first two years of a 4 year University program. Then, students continue their final two years at the University to complete the program.

Vocational College

These are private education institutions, providing short-term and medium-term training programs for practical working skills. Jobs that are provided training are: Cinematography, IT, Internet, Graphics Design, Hotel Management,… Even though they are private schools, they still adhere to regulations on education and teaching quality.

In short, Canada Colleges provide training in many departments and feature different levels of studying, you just need to select the suitable one. Tuition in Canada Colleges are quite affordable, ranging from 6.000 to 12.000 CAD/year and have short studying duration, only 1-2 years per level of education.

Students graduation Colleges have an easier time finding a job in Canada because the programs are highly practical. After graduation, if a student doesn’t want to work right away, they can choose to study for two more years for a Bachelor Degree. Every student graduation Canada College is allowed to stay and work like University graduates and can immigrate when the conditions are met.

Choosing Canada University

Universities are the supreme provider of degrees. Every Canada University have Bachelor Degree, many providing master, doctorate degree. To complete University when studying aboard in Canada, students usually take three to four years. Many Canada Universities allow students to shorten their studying time, combining subjects for double degree when graduated.

In some specialised departments like medical, law, business, the graduation certificate is mandatory if the student wish to study higher level. Typically, students who graduate University focus on one career in their working future.

Canada University programs encourage expanding the horizon, new ideas, critical thinking, teamwork, and high academic level.

If you wish to study social departments and business with teaching methods that are highly academic then the University will be more suitable than College. These departments have more students studying.

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